Captain Paul Foer

Offering professional boating and seamanship consulting and training based on over thirty-five years, of owning, operating, maintaining and instructing on hundreds of sailboats and powerboats.

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Practical Training

BE SMART--BE SAFE! The only true investment you can ever make in your boat is proper training so you can enjoy it safely and confidently. Whether you are a novice or an experienced mariner, a current or prospective boat owner, I offer personalized and individualized instruction to meet your needs by the half-day, day, or longer on your boat or mine.

Boat Deliveries

If you want your sailboat or powerboat safely, efficiently and carefully moved from one port to another, we can do it all from planning and preparation to leaving her clean and ready for your arrival.

Expert Consulting

Are you thinking about buying a boat or wondering which boat is best for you as you move up? Are you planning a long cruise or need help in choosing or evaluating a boat for purchase? I offer expert advice based on owning, restoring and operating hundreds of different of power and sail boats and can help you make informed decisions--and avoid costly mistakes.

Chesapeake Sailing

Come relax and explore the beautiful Chesapeake Bay on my 38' sailboat. Based in historic and quaint Galesville, MD, we're about an hour's drive from Washington or Baltimore. That adds up to more fun and more time on the water. Let the boat be yours for a couple of hours, a weekend or longer as Captain Paul Foer shows you the real Chesapeake Bay.

I will save you time, money and hassle based on decades of “old school” and apprentice training so even in this age of gadgets and electronics, I believe that nothing beats plain old fashioned seamanship. This is not a hobby or a retirement pursuit but is my livelihood which all adds up to a better experience and better value for you, the boat owner.
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