Professional service and advice are probably the only real “investments” you can ever make in your boat. My goal is to provide you with the best services and training and all I ask is that you ask yourself  why learn from your own experience when you can more effectively, safely and economically learn from my experience?.  

PERSONAL LESSONS/TRAINING/COACHING/PRIVATE CAPTAIN SERVICES are available on your boat or on my 38′ sailboat.

On Your Boat

Fri.-Sun. and holidays            $750 for 7 hours. Normally 0900 to 1600 hours. (Half-days only available under certain situations. Please inquire.)

Monday through Thursday  $650 for 7 hours. Normally 0900 to 1600 hours 

                                                            $375 for half-days, 3.5 hours 

On my 38′ Sailboat for tours, vacations and training:  Six person maximum for tours, four student maximum for training. Rates available for two hours or more and for vacations and overnight trips. Please inquire and visit Chesapeake Sailing With Captain Paul for more information.

Fr.-Sun. and holidays                 $895 for 7 hours (plus 11% tax) 

Monday through Thursday       $795 for 7 hours

                                                                       $495 for 4 hours (plus 11% tax) 

  • CONSULTING, MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISING CONTRACTORS etc. In person, via email, telephone or on-site, $100 per hour.
  • YACHT DELIVERY SERVICES:  I require a phone conversation before submitting a written quote. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER.  
  • As with other services or products, I dot recommend that you make your choice based on cost alone. I am subjected to random drug testing, hold a Transportation Worker Identity Card, a US Coast Guard license (since 1980), ASA Instructor Certifications,  STCW Basic (Standards, Training, Certification for Watchkeeping) as well as a masters degree. 
  • Fully-crewed DELIVERY FEES–A proposal will take into account my preparation and travel time, route, schedule, vessel capabilities, crew requirements, time of year, expected duration of the voyage, boat speed, draft, air draft, fuel capacity/range and other factors. MY GOAL IS EFFICIENCY WITHOUT COMPROMISING SAFETY OR PRUDENCE. Some may charge less, but it may end up costing you more.
  • Owner-assist deliveries are conducted on a limited basis. If you are the owner and wish to accompany me on the trip and to partake of training or coaching, please inform me as such.
  • I will provide you with a flat fee quote for crew services based on the above criteria and a range of total days, UNLESS there are days lost due to weather and mechanical breakdown beyond that range.  Such days as well as travel expenses, marinas, provisions, boat expenses, fuel, etc. are additional. 
  • A 50% deposit for services plus a %100 deposit for anticipated travel expenses including a “float” for unanticipated costs is required well in advance.  The remaining payment is due upon boarding the boat at its point of origin.
  • TRAVEL COSTS  I charge $.75 per mile plus tolls and parking for driving expenses (Travel between Annapolis, Edgewater and Galesville MD areas are complimentary). All anticipated travel expenses are ALWAYS due in advance. 
  • INCLUDED AT NO ADDITIONAL COST (and please keep this in mind….); Advance planning and consultation with the owner to ensure the boat is ready; A safety pre-inspection of vessel including a report to owner; A log of preparation, underway and destination activities; a post-trip report on safety, items requiring attention etc.; Regular communication via email, text or phone (when available); Creation and distribution of a float plan with emergency instructions; Supply of some gear that may include portable vhf, binocular, hybrid pfd etc. Do the other “professionals” do the same?
  • The boat must be in reasonable condition and properly outfitted for the route, season and expected conditions. That should include basic tools, fluids, additives, charts, spare parts, safety gear, cooking and cleaning supplies etc. I reserve the right to decline or terminate the voyage if the boat is not properly equipped or maintained or presents safety hazards.
  •  Please fill out the quick and easy form on the Contact Page and PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER for a free consultation.
  • BEWARE OF RETIREES, HOBBYISTS OR JOY-RIDERS and HIRE A PROFESSIONAL Boat owners are advised to be wary of low bidders. As a professional I will show up when requested and complete all commitments whereas an amateur may be more interested in free travel or recreation or gaining experience at your expense. A professional boat delivery is not a pleasure cruise. Our job is to efficiently, quickly and safely move your boat from A to B.
  • A DEPOSIT IS NECESSARY to schedule you on my calendar and means we are both committed. A deposit is generally not refundable except in unusual cases,  and then perhaps only partially. Please understand that my season is limited and highly cyclical and that warm weather weekends are prime time.  In unusual circumstances I will make every effort possible to work with the owner, reschedule or find another suitable method but it is often difficult to reschedule. 
  • PAYMENT may be made in check with enough advance notice, by cash, money order or through PayPal to account “Non Sea Quitter LLC” using email Please be sure to include an additional fee of three percent of the net when using Paypal unless you have zero fee privileges. It is always desirable to plan and reserve well in advance and this will save you money by mailing a check. Please email me for mailing instructions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this explanation of my fees and policies. I believe it is in our mutual interest to be clear about these matters. You may find it helpful to read my articles on “How to hire a delivery captain” or “What’s it worth to you to have your boat delivered?”  or What Does it Cost? on the Sea Stories page.

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