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TRAINING: The best investment you can ever make in your boat is proper training–in fact it maybe the only aspect of boat ownership that can truly be considered an investment.  I OFFER PERSONALIZED instruction to meet your needs by the half-day, day, or longer on your boat or my 38′ sailboat (Visit for details). Whether you are a novice or an experienced mariner, a current or prospective boat owner, 

SAFE AND EFFICIENT BOAT DELIVERIES: I WILL CARE for your most prized possession as we safely and efficiently deliver her to ports along the East Coast, Caribbean, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda, Central and South America.

A FANTASTIC YACHT CHARTER OR VACATION: I WILL TAKE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS on a relaxing cruise or vacation on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a surprisingly affordable way for the perfect vacation or getaway. Come aboard my 38′ classic sailboat for lessons and  escapes. Visit for details.

CONSULTING SERVICES: I CAN HELP YOU MAKE informed choices that will save you time, hassle and money as you enter or move through the boating world. Are you thinking about buying, did you just buy a boat or are you thinking about “moving up” to a larger boat? Are you considering chartering versus purchasing? Planning to liveaboard? Need help in choosing or evaluating a boat for purchase? Should you buy a newer, more expensive boat or an older, lower-priced boat? I work INDEPENDENTLY for YOU based on over 40 years of experience as an owner and professional captain who has operated over a hundred different makes and models of power and sail boats. I help you narrow your choices and evaluate the condition of boats before making an offer and/or go to a full-blown survey, and I help YOU make sense of surveys–INDEPENDENTLY from any broker by representing YOU. I help you understand what is the right boat for you.

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Captain Paul (on right) with happy new boat owner, Branford CT, Long Island Sound, June, 2013




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