Captain Foer and his crew prepared and delivered my newly purchased 32 ft sport fishing boat from Maryland to Pt Pleasant NJ in July 2015. He inspected the boat and prepared everything for delivery. He kept me informed as he preparing the boat and delivered the boat safety and on time. He even cleaned her after securing her in my slip. Everything was handled in a efficient and professional manner. I highly recommend Capt.Foer for any of your boating transport needs. Rich T., Princeton, NJ.


Chris D. Charlottesville, VA

boat safety course

I was fortunate to retain Captain Paul Foer of Foerfront LLC to assist me in taking my newly purchased Catalina 30 from Middle River near Baltimore to Deltaville, Virginia in April, 2008. Paul was available and helpful before the trip began with advice and ideas about preparing the boat and planning the trip. He reviewed the survey, referred me to an excellent insurance professional who saved me a substantial amount on the premium and he located an additional crewmember, one of his former clients, who proved to be an excellent shipmate and was needed for the land-based transportation logistics. Early on, Paul expressed his concern about potential contamination in the fuel tank, and a mechanic pre-checked the engine and gave it the okay. To make a long story short, immediately upon boarding, Paul’s instincts again proved correct and we sought additional mechanical expertise. Our problems did not end there and we experienced further problems while under sail. These problems delayed the trip and caused us to twice require a tow. Fortunately, Paul had urged me to retain towing insurance before the trip, and this also saved me substantial money. His expertise was again shown in how he handled the towing situations.  I left the boat in Annapolis and to return home for a few days and Paul oversaw the needed mechanical repairs. Again, his advice and assistance was extremely helpful. He moved the boat to another marina which again saved me substantial expense. We had an enjoyable sail down the Bay with Paul providing coaching in navigation, seamanship, rules of the road and boat maintenance. His coaching helped me learn how to bring my boat into the slip and maneuver in close quarters. He even spliced new lines onto the fenders, gave me a list of suggested repairs and maintenance concerns and of course cleaned the boat up when the trip ended. After the delivery, he remained in contact to answer questions about repairs and maintenance.  I am pleased to recommend him as both a delivery skipper and sailing and seamanship instructor. It is true that a boat is a hole in the water into which money is thrown, but hiring Captain Paul was money well-spent! I am now looking forward to enjoying my boat with my family

Mr. and Ms. H | Apopka, FL

Paul concentrated on personal safety at sea. He constantly emphasizes navigating and handling the old fashioned way; with binoculars, paper charts, and without bow thrusters. Because of Paul’s insistence that I don’t rely on the bow thruster, I was able to calmly handle a situation and even looked cool doing it. Paul also emphasizes handling crew overboard scenarios. Although learning how to dock the boat and to navigate to new destinations may be more interesting to the new boat owner, the serious trainee will want to get as much training in this area as possible. The consequences of a mishandled person overboard situation are much more dramatic that crunching your swim platform on the piling. We recognize and value the training Paul provided us. His safety related admonitions echo in our head as we venture out own our own. I respect his sober and honest assessment of our abilities at each stage of our training.

Bruce E. Commack, NY

boating lessons, training, instruction

I have sailed with Paul Foer twice. Each time has been a distinct pleasure. Our first sail was from Chesapeake Bay to Long Island Sound when I brought home the Tartan 37 I had purchased. It was a trip that required both skill and judgment as Paul had an inexperienced crew and a boat that was new to the owner. He was able to handle both problems with great aplomb and proved to me that his judgment and seamanship were of a very high caliber. He was able to teach me a great deal about the handling of the boat and planning the trip. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Ron F. Port Washington, New York

safe boating course

In May, 2007 I hired Paul Foer to serve as Captain on my Alberg 35 classic I had just purchased. We brought the boat from Solomons Island, MD to Port Washington, New York. From the start to finish, Paul exhibited professionalism, good judgment and solid seamanship and navigational skills. We had to perform a number of underway repairs and maintenance together, including dealing with fuel supply problems which we both managed to jury rig a solution. We encountered strong headwinds, cold temperatures and seas and very busy shipping traffic approaching New York which made for an exciting trip. We still arrived within our planned timeframe. I highly recommend Paul for deliveries or instruction. He was a pleasure to sail with. My son and I hope to sail with Paul again.

Robert C. Washington, D.C.

I hired Captain Paul Foer to join me on a voyage from Connecticut to Maryland after just purchasing a Nonsuch 26′ catboat. Paul communicated with me in advance to assist with preparing for the trip. He was thorough and professional at every step of the way. He has top-notch seamanship and navigational skills which were put to the test in various situations, including entering Shark River and Atlantic City inlets at night. We experienced some mechanical problems and Paul did not hesitate to troubleshoot, crawl through the engine room and bilges to try to remedy the situation. Ultimately, through his recommendation, we hired an engineer in Atlantic City he had used before, who expertly corrected the various problems we encountered and were back on our way. Due to weather and mechanical problems, we had a slow trip, but it was a pleasure to cruise and learn with Paul. I hired him again for additional instruction in docking and close quarter maneuvering which was a big help. I would definitely recommend him to any boatowner in need of a delivery or training

Bob W. Jersey City, NJ Bayliner 23, July, 2013

Boathandling lessons, instruction, training, course, coaching, classes

Terrific help.  You boosted my confidence and ability to get to cool…

Don W. Harrisburg, PA

Boathandling lessons, instruction, training, course, coaching, classes

Paul was very attentive to detail in checking all the boat’s systems….We left each morning at the break of dawn and pushed northward for 12-15 hour days. ….We made the trip to Greenport-Trawler Fest right on time.During the trip I was very impressed with Paul’s experience and sea sense under many weather conditions. His navigation and seamanship skills were outstanding. I learned many new skills in handling my boat…One of the very pleasant parts of the trip was his good company, his preparation of “gourmet” meals, and his helping to keep the boat clean in all respects. He worked long hours, and was always willing to do what was needed to safely complete our trip on time! Paul is highly professional, trustworthy and reliable in all respects. Best of all I gained a new “lifetime friend”! I can truly recommend him to any boat owner within his license class.”  

Braxton C. La Jolla, CA Cape Dory 30

Boathandling lessons, instruction, training, course, coaching, classes

I chose Captain Paul Foer to assist me in moving my Cape Dory 30 up the Chesapeake Bay in May, 2011. Paul communicated in advance to make arrangements and was professional in all respects. We had a good trip as he helped me go over the boat and made suggestions about maintenance and repairs and general condition of the boat.In September, 2011 Paul helped me sail her down the Bay. Headwinds slowed us down and we entered

Solomon's Island at dusk. We got up at 0300 the next day and left in the dark, again battling headwinds and a strong chop, especially off the Potomac, as Paul warned would happen. We entered the Rappahannock late on what had been a lovely afternoon but Paul become concerned about weather conditions and made sure we got sails down and prepared for bad weather.  We were hit with a squall that we later learned was in excess of 50 mph, but we had prepared for it as Captain Paul had insisted. Paul is professional and highly capable. I learned a great deal from him and would highly recommend him as a delivery captain or sailing instructor.

John M. Commodore

yacht captain
Paul Foer was the guest speaker at the annual brunch of the Pearson Sailing Association held at the Doubletree Hotel in Annapolis on April 6, 2014. Paul’s presentation was on safety and seamanship in a high tech world, a subject on which he is eminently qualified to speak.  He presented several examples of sailors getting into trouble and the mistakes they made.  More often that not, it was relying too heavily on electronic devices and not enough on old fashioned seamanship and knowledge and awareness of one’s surroundings.
Overall, his presentation was both informative and entertaining and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others for speaking engagements

Lloyd C. (Virginia)

Advanced sailing course, lessons, training, coaching, classes

Paul and I arranged the details of the delivery. He arrived at the boat on time, confirmed the readiness of the vessel, picked up a few items needed for the trip including provisions and then proceeded to travel north to Virginia.  He arrived on time, provided a list of a few items of interest or in need of repair, proceeded to clean vessel in preparation for my arrival. Very pleased . Thank you

S. W. Rye, NY

We were transitioning from sail to power and in a couple of days Captain Foer taught us all we needed to know to operate the new power boat and a lot about exploring the Chesapeake Bay.  What’s more we had a terrifically enjoyable time doing it.

Rob J. Pennsylvania

Sail Training, powerboat training

I recently purchased a Post 56’ and needed some help getting familiar  with  the boat.  Paul spent time with me on maneuvering, navigation and safety.  Over the course of a few days, Paul was able to work with me on everything from  basic knot tying to proper safety equipment.  He was easy to work with and likes teaching!

Scott H. (formerly of Maryland and now South Carolina)

seamanship class, course, lessons, training, coaching, classes

As a new power-boater, I found myself in need of training in the basic skills of boating. I spent an entire day with Paul Foer in which he covered safety, docking, anchoring, knots, boat handling, right of ways, and more. One year later I traveled 750 miles down the Intra Coastal Waterway and I owe Paul a tremendous amount of thanks.

Mitchell T. Los Angeles, November, 2013

powerboat delivery

Captain Paul and his mate delivered my 42’ custom from East Hampton NY to Annapolis. Unfortunately, on route, she suffered multiple annoying malfunctions as well as a couple of legitimate offshore breakdowns which required the crew to improvise in order to continue the voyage. However, when she started taking on water through the compromised stuffing box, running into clogged fuel filter problems, experiencing bilge pump malfunctions, Captain Paul not only was able to get her safely to shore, but also see to it that she was in good hands for necessary repairs, before switching around his professional and personal schedule in order to complete the delivery. He kept me informed at my home in California at all times and sent me detailed photos and contact info. I have worked with multiple delivery captains over the years on multiple boats and Paul is by far the most knowledgeable, experienced and concerned. He treated my  boat like it was his own.

I highly recommend Paul for deliveries or instruction.

I have learned very much from a great teacher.

Paul is highly professional, trustworthy and reliable in all respects.

“He was easy to work with and likes teaching!”

It is true that a boat is a hole in the water into which money is thrown, but hiring Captain Paul was money well-spent! I am now looking forward to enjoying my boat with my family. I have worked with multiple delivery captains over the years on multiple boats and Paul is by far the most knowledgeable, experienced and concerned. He treated my boat like it was his own.

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